With the winter firmly on the way drivers are starting to become savvy. While there is currently more rain than snow, it’s always best to be prepared. Winter can play havoc on our cars. But, if you are smart, you can ensure that you do not face any difficulties this coming winter season.

Here are some great tips that you can use to ensure that you are preparing your car for a long winter ahead.

Invest in Windscreen Covers

Yes, windscreen covers are decidedly unsexy, but if you want to avoid scraping your car first thing in the morning, these are a savvy investment. Ice doesn’t just impact the roads; it can impact your car too. So, make sure that you are preparing for the winter and investing in windscreen protection. This way, you won’t damage your windscreen as you hack at ice in the morning. http://www.autohouse.co.uk state that you should remember to never tip hot water over an iced over windscreen. This is an excellent way of ensuring that your window will crack. Avoid this like the plague. Be savvy and cover your windows.


While the UK seems to be a blanket of rain at the moment, now is the best time to get your hands on some de-icer. Don’t leave it until the last minute. De-icer is an excellent way of getting rid of the ice and frost on your car in a safe way. Even if you use a windscreen protector, you will still have ice covering your mirrors. Be savvy and invest in de-icer.


Image Source: Flickr

Do You Need Snow Tires?

If you live in a rural setting, investing in snow tires is a sound way to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the depths of your village. For those that live in the city, this may be an unnecessary expense. Consider your surroundings. Consider your journey into work and your commute. Snow tires can be a practical option for many. Think about the roads slippery surface and your journey into work or school. These could be a positive measure in avoiding accidents.

Tune Up Your Car

Before the winter sets in, you need to make sure that your car is optimised for the elements. Check the air pressure in your tires. Make sure that the oil levels are full to capacity. Top up the water if need be. Check your battery over and make sure it is in premium condition. All of these things can cause failures if they are not regularly inspected. During the winter, your car will experience more wear and tear. Prevent breakdowns and accidents by maintaining your car thoroughly.

Prepare For Emergencies

Despite completing stringent checks, accidents and emergencies can occur. Make sure that you are ready and have an emergency backup kit in your car. Spare tires, fluid for the engine and clothing can be a definite advantage when it comes to the winter months.  Think about the common components of your car and aim to have a backup or spare in the boot. You don’t have to carry a mini mechanic set with you, but think ahead and be prepared.