People assume that their tyres will last between each service. What they fail to realise is that faults and wear can occur at any time. For instance, let’s say your tyres had a clean bill of health at last month’s service.

You go out to your car this morning and discover that there’s a large split in the sidewall in one on them! At first, you think it’s deliberate act. But, upon closer inspection, you notice the tyre has bad cracking along the entire side of it.


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If one or more of your tyres are past their best, what should you do? Well, the obvious answer is to replace them with brand new ones. Some folks try to cut corners and fit “remould” tyres but they are dangerous and never a good idea! In today’s blog post, I will share with you details on how to choose the best new tyres for your car.

Choose the right size tyres for your car

The first thing you need to do is establish which size you need for your tyres. It’s no secret that there are hundreds of different sizes to select. So, how do you know which size is the right one for your vehicle?

Your first thought might be to check the size stamped on the tyres themselves. Believe it or not, that’s a bad idea. Why? Because the previous owner of your car may have fitted the wrong size to them. I’ve discovered that a couple of times on cars I’ve bought in the past.

The best thing to do is check in your owner’s manual for the details. If you don’t have one, there are a couple of other options open to you.

The first is to look at the manufacturer’s website and download a PDF of the manual. And, the second is to phone up your local dealer and check with them that way.


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In case you wondered, the tyre size will look something like this:


  • 215 = tyre width in millimetres;
  • 45 = sidewall diameter, as a percentage of the width;
  • 17 = total tyre diameter, in inches.

You might also see the letter “R” stamped there too. That means the tyre is of a radial construction.

Get some quotes

Now that you have the right size, it’s time to get some quotes for new tyres. Avoid getting budget brands and stick to the mid-range or premium ones. Yes, you may pay a bit more for your tyres. But, the extra cost can get justified because they help you to control and stop your car!

I recommend checking online for details on tyre reviews so that you can get quotes on the best ones for your car.

Get them fitted

Next, you’ll need to get the tyres fitted to your car. I get my new tyres from AA because they can fit them at my home or work. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to those High Street tyre places.


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Believe it or not, mobile tyre fitters are usually cheaper than local tyre shops! I hope today’s guide has been of use to you. Thanks for checking it out, and don’t forget to share a link to it with your friends!