Lots of people opt for used cars over brand new models. They represent excellent value for money, and they are cheaper to buy. Of course, some folks prefer not to buy used cars because they are fearful of reliability issues.

The truth is; even brand new cars can have mechanical problems. Even mass produced cars can have variations at the production stage. Whether you end up with a good or bad car is anyone’s guess for the most part!

Looking on the bright side, it’s possible to have a used car that runs well. But, how can you ensure that is so? The following tips will guide you through the process:


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Flush the tank and fuel system

Some might say that getting your fuel tank and the system flushed is overkill, but it makes perfect sense. I’ve seen the inside of some old fuel tanks and there’s a lot of debris that settles at the bottom.

In some cases, it’s debris that enters the tank from the filling station pump. And, in other cases, it could be down to corrosion (i.e. rust). It’s also a good idea if a previous owner once had a “wrong fuel in car” situation and didn’t do a good job of sorting it out!

You can have someone come out to do the flushing for you, or your local garage can do the work. Just don’t attempt to do it at home yourself!

Renew the fuel system components

Is your new pride and joy a high-mileage vehicle? If so, it’s worth having the fuel system components replaced.

The main items are the fuel pump, fuel filter, oxygen sensor and injectors. The latter item can get sent off for professional cleaning if you want to save money.

Carry out a fuel system renewal will ensure your car’s engine can run at its best.

Perform a major service

Next, you need to carry out a full or major service on your car. That means replacing the oil and filter, air filter and drive belts. You should also renew the coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid too.

I would also take the time to replace the water pump, tensioners, spark plugs and HT leads. Yes, it might seem like a long list of things to do. But, you will end up with a car engine that runs like a brand new one!

Check other components

Next, you need to check things like your tyres and exhaust system. Get them replaced if they look worn or are past their use-by date! You should also check other items like light bulbs and handbrake operation too.

Give your car a deep clean

Last, but not least, you should spend a day giving your car an exterior and interior valet! You want to show off your car and make it look stunning.

Cleaning also helps to prevent rust from forming, as you can repair any damaged paint for example.

I hope you have enjoyed following today’s handy guide. See you soon!