Choosing the right family car can cause arguments and headaches. The kids will want to give each car their seal of approval. There will be arguments over what colour to choose and who gets to sit in the front. However, these are the least of your worries. Purchasing a family car is a huge investment. It will take planning and budgeting to afford the best possible car. You’ll need to conduct thorough research to make sure it’s right for you.

The first thing to do is narrow down a choice based on your lifestyle. How many children do you have? Do you need room for a dog? Will the car also be a commuter car? If you like to go on adventures at the weekend, there will be additional considerations. Every car is different and will suit your family in a different way. Having said that, there are a few consistent things to look out for in every family car.


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When driving your family around, safety is the biggest concern. When children are involved, there is no price too high to ensure their safety. Every car is thoroughly tested and explored before it is deemed roadworthy. But, some cars are better than others. Every vehicle is subject to a five star rating with regard to safety. This is based on airbags, seatbelts and the way the car distributes energy during a crash. If you’re going to put money into a car, make sure it’s a safe one. All car dealers, such as Red Line Specialist Cars, display safety ratings alongside their cars. Find the safest ones in your price range.

Fuel Economy

Family cars are typically used to shuttle around the kids before heading to work. They are the family workhorse and they spend most of the time running around town. This uses up fuel in a very different way to long motorway drives. You need a car with fuel consumption that matches this lifestyle. You family car must perform well around town. SUVs are spacious and enticing. Just remember that you will get terrible fuel economy. When you have a family, budget is everything. You’ll want to pay a low price at the pumps.


The last thing you want during a busy day is your car to break down. It breaks your bank balance and ruins your day. You need your car to be a reliable machine that you can depend on. All cars come with a reliability rating and reviews can be found online. Do your research before buying.


Finally, you’ll want a vehicle that is spacious and practical for everyday life. It needs to be big enough for all of your family’s things. Yet, you want it small enough to manoeuvre into parking spaces around town. Think about cleanliness when choosing fabrics and entertainment systems to keep the children busy.

Choosing a family car is tough. You need a miracle solution that includes everything on this list. Then you need it on a budget! There are plenty of great options available. Now you know what you want, get out there and find it.